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This is the first time I am reviewing or rather featuring a non-fiction book. There won’t be a rating since it is literally and figuratively a coffee-table book. All Things Coffee tries to cover all aspects of coffee that coffee lovers are familiar with, yet are curious to explore at every chance.


It starts with the history and politics of the drink. And then, leads us through several fun facts, poetry and recipes all related to coffee.If I found this in a waiting lobby,this would make my day. Even though I am not a hard core coffee lover, I enjoy the occasional cup every weekend. For me, it’s a reprieve from all the stress of the weekdays for which I strictly need tea, and then relax with coffee. Even so, I found this fun, informative book about coffee engaging and would recommend it if you love all things coffee, much like Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. 








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