Drift | By Clare Littlemore




Book Review | YA Dystopian fiction

Published: 28th February, 2019
She wanted freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Quin believed that a life away from The Beck would make her happy. But when a cruel twist of fate forces her to leave sooner than planned, she struggles to come to terms with her new reality. Haunted by memories of the people she left behind, she finds herself wishing she was back in Patrol, with Cam by her side. Cut off from The Beck, the escapees carve out a new existence on a small island. Tentative bonds are formed, but as disputes surface and rebellion is threatened, Quin quickly realises that their new home isn’t the sanctuary she had imagined. And when one of her fellow citizens is willing to go to desperate measures to save those he loves, he puts the entire community in danger. As they hatch a daring plan to save themselves, Quin is faced with a terrible choice: protect her friends or follow her heart. Drift is the third in the Flow series, which follows Quin as she battles to forge a new life in unfamiliar territory without the man she has come to depend on.     (Goodreads)




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Narrative and Plot






After following the Beck way of life with Quin, we reach unfamiliar territory in the third book, Drift. With it comes new challenges to overcome and Quin, as observant as ever, gives us a view of this new world and the new dynamics.

Since the stakes were not as high as the Beck all the time, this one wasn’t getting you on your toes all the time. There are a few moments of excitement, but this one is mostly about Quin fitting into a world outside of the Beck. The pacing was fairly even and gathers momentum towards the end.










Characters and Conflicts








Since this is the new world, a lot of the characters are new except for the few like Cassidy, Mason, Harper and some others.Β 

While most ever once again memorable and nuanced even in a short span of time, except for Thomas. Thomas was one step away from becoming the caricature villain with an evil laugh. While it was essential for someone to disrupt the rest, it lacked any kind of nuance, and that just made it a bit hard to tolerate.

Thankfully, the story didn’t paint life on the other side as an Utopia where Quin can skip through the fields along with her old buddies. All three of them have been a lot ever since their transfer from Agric. They have all forged new connections and evolved, which was refreshing. The friendship between Mason and Quin was heartwarming as well. The romance took a back seat in this one, but one can complain as it was essential for the plot.


























Overall Drift was a decent third book in the Flow series. Break still remains my top favorite of the three books so far. I will continue on with the fourth and final book of the series and let you know my thoughts soon.








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