The Belfore Void | By Joey Rogers

The Belfore Void | By Joey Rogers

The Belfore Void
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Published: 22nd October, 2019
Andi has a knack for remembering everything she hears—everything, as long as she concentrates. She’s racked up three degrees using her talent, but all she really wants is to pursue a career in acting. Financing her dream requires extreme measures—she makes a deal with her father. Now she’s stuck at Belfore University earning a Ph.D. in Voidology, and her life has reached an all-time low. Thirty years earlier, two scientists in Belfore’s physics department died after accidentally opening a portal to the Void. The discovery is universally accepted as the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time, and the interdimensional phenomenon raised billions for research and development. It inspired a generation, but after decades with nothing to show for the money and effort poured into it, the Void has become a joke. Only a few still believe in the Void’s potential, and most of them attend Belfore University—the only place left to study it. But another has been working in secret to exploit the phenomenon, and his methods are less than scrupulous. When he learns how Andi’s unusual talent can advance his goals, the reluctant Voidology student finds herself in serious trouble. ( Goodreads)

My thoughts


Narrative and Plot

The Belfore Void is a new adult science fiction with a potentially strong plot. The story is captivating and you can breeze through it grasping all the information on your way.

However, the narrative isn’t exactly a strong suit of the book. The book is told in third person. But the main narrator of the story is Andi. She has a passive aggressive tone at the beginning but then she warms up as you get to know more about her. Throughout the story there was a lack of conviction in the voice of the characters. Particularly the main character, who has to carry the story forward.



Characters and Conflicts



There are some quirky characters in the book. Some eccentric and some your regular Joe. But Andi is not a regular person. She has talents that make her unique. Even with such a unique USP factor Andi doesn’t register her emotions strongly to the reader. Her transition from a naysayer to an active participant in the Void studies is abrupt.

The book is short in general, but you wish that it was longer and spent more time on character development. The comradarie between the three young scientists Vance, Bryan and Andi is great to watch and you start rooting for them. But the rest of the relationships in the story isn’t that developed. Andi and her father’s relationship felt shallow and it was hard to feel anything for them.

All things said, the strong storyline is definitely a plus for the book. The conflict is to understand the Void. At the same time, saving the Belfore Void from evil hands is another. The plot twist definitely stirred things up. And in the end you root for the three young scientists to reach their goal.









Overall I had a good time reading The Belfore Void. The fictional scientific theories really look well put together. You buy into that element of possibility. But it lacked a heart that immerses you in the story. Maybe it’s just me not getting along with the writing style. If you’re a science geek, this is a book that you want to check out at least once.




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