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When your marathon clashes with your marriage

When the Head introduces a no-dating policy for staff, Michael thinks he’s found the perfect solution. He loves the beautiful and creative Jen, so cue an elaborate proposal with a castle, Pachelbel’s Canon, and a treasure hunt with Jane Austen quotes. Three months is enough to plan a wedding, right? But when he realises that he’s also supposed to be running a marathon to raise money for a student with cancer on the same day, even Michael begins to worry that he’s taken on too much this time.

The plan:
Run the marathon
Get married
Make sure Jen never finds out
What could possibly go wrong?









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Narrative and Plot










It’s been a while since I have read a rom-com that does not follow the popular format. There is a whole thing about a male lead written by female writers, which, as a woman,

I have to admit is a bit unrealistic at times. However, Michael comes off as a real guy rather than a rom-com hero and yet he is that as well. Jen kind of took a backseat in this one for the most part, but whenever she made a presence, it was remarkable.

I love that Michael has his own pov chapters. It makes the story much more entertaining and to see where he is coming from. The professional side wasn’t the focus of this book, but the focus of this one is Jen and Michael’s relationship. The pacing in this one was perfect.








Characters and Conflicts



Michael and Jen got their happily ever after in Bell Time. However, in this book, they explore the tricky subject of what comes after. Now, I am someone who is coming from a completely different cultural background. Some of the things that are considered “weird” or “different” are actually the norm where I live. Also, there are a lot of religious themes in the book. I feel like the story took its time to represent a beautiful version of faith. Even if I follow a different religion (let’s just say mildly follow), the fundamental aspect of what faith can mean to a struggling individual is quite relatable.

I love that Michael is just such an endearing flawed human being. Jen and Michael’s relationship feels realistic where it is not always the “whatever you say queen” vibe. They are both strongly opinionated and respect each other.



























Overall, I loved this sequel to Bell Time even though the first one remains my favorite. Nothing can beat a well-written hate-to-love trope. However, The Wedding Bell Time is a book that I would recommend for all those clean romance fans who want something refreshing other than the regular beats of the genre. No shade to those books. I love them but I feel seen when I read books about people who are drowned in work and struggle to keep up with their desire to be human on weekends. If that’s you, give both these books a read.





















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Disclaimer : I received an e-Copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.






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