Bookbugworld’s January 2020 TBR

Dear Bookbugs,



One of the new things that I intend to take up from 2020 is to announce my TBR list boldly to the world (well, whoever visits Bookbugworld) and then try to commit to it as much as possible. I hope this is fruitful or even if it isn’t, I am trying to have fun with the idea of having a pre-planned list. Remember, these aren’t exactly the books that are released this month. These are the books I intend to read this month.



Here we go,


1. The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows by Jenni Keer





I started 2019 with a Jenni Keer book. ( The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker)  Keeping the tradition in mind, I am starting with another Jenni Keer book which has been sitting in my TBR for months. This is a contemporary women’s fiction which is my favorite genre. Jenni Keer books have these quirky characters and a dash of magic which makes the everyday life of these characters more eventful. I love the whole enchanted and positive vibe of her books and expect the same from this one.


2. How To Make Time For Me by Fiona Perrin


If you’re a bookish person, you know how difficult it is to navigate through everyday life and then find that special little “me time”. In this case our reading time. And if you’re a book blogger, you know how everything can feel overwhelming at times. It seems to me that the beginning of the year is a good time to read this book and learn how to make some time for myself. I haven’t read the description yet, the cover alone says a lot. I can relate to that cover itself.


3. Becoming by Michelle Obama




Ok, I know the entire world, especially, the bookish world has read this book and moved on in 2019 itself. Everyone, but me. I started this book in 2019 and finished at least a 100 pages. But then other books needed my urgent attention and this one with no particular deadline stayed in my book shelf. Not any more. I am going to finish this in January itself.


4. The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms



You see the theme going on for January. It’s mostly books about finding yourself and living your life kind of books. I firmly believe we all try to work on this concept a lot more at the beginning of the year. And then, well life happens. It’s been only eight days and look at the things that are already happening around us. Anyway, Amy Byler is a single mom and she is taking a #momspringa this year. A mom on vacation is an idea that I really need to find in some book. Look I am a 31 year old and my mother still thinks it is her job to make my life as easy and perfect as possible. So, I am curious to see how a mother of two takes a summer break in Brooklyn.




There, that’s my list. Only four books this month because I have other commitments. And it is only the beginning of the year. I really don’t want to overwhelm myself. My focus is on completing all these books. Are any of these books on your list too? Please share your thoughts in the comments.







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  1. Darina says:

    I like your theme for January! We all need some self care and books about living life the way you want it bring out a lot of reflection which usually leads to positive change. Happy reading and hope you enjoy these books!