Category: Women’s fiction

Book Review | Media Queen | By Michelle Prak

Media Queen is a glimpse at the life of Jordyn Fairweather, the fashion magazine editor. This is a fun read if you are interested in content creation, in general.


The Essence of Perfection | By Nita Brooks

    My thoughts         Narrative and Plot         The Essence of Perfection is a contemporary women’s fiction novel told from the perspective of Nicola- the main character. Even...


The Testaments | By Margaret Atwood

My thoughts       Before we get into The Testaments, I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale a few years back. Naturally, some of the character names and details skipped my memory. But I watched the...


A Year of Chasing Love | By Rosie Chambers

My thoughts     Narrative and Plot       A Year of Chasing love is the journey of Olivia, who is literally chasing love. The narrative is a simple third person perspective of Olivia,...