Category: Women’s fiction

Mr Wrong Number | By Lynn Painter

Mr. Wrong Number has chemistry, humor, and a naïve innocence that we usually see in the romantic comedies from the 90s.

Secretly Yours | By Tessa Bailey

Secretly Yours is a fun romantic comedy that you can read just for the fun of it. A small-town romance between two opposites with a bit of wine tasting sounds like a promising setup.

The Seven Year Slip | By Ashley Poston

If you seek to revel in the beauty of passion and adventure, as well as a captivating love story, then The Seven Year Slip is perfect for you.

Bell Time | By Sophie Toovey

If you are a fan of authors like Sophie Kinsella, Catherine Walsh and Jill Mansell, you will end up loving Bell Time.

Fool Me Once | By Ashley Winstead

Fool Me Once gave me more than what I had expected. It is a reflective romantic comedy that would make for a light-hearted read, but at the same time, not too shallow.

Snap Out Of It | By Maddie Dawson

If you are in search of a book filled with hope, love and a little bit of magic, then Snap Out of It is just the right book for you.