Sunshine Blogger Award


It has been barely ten days since I have started my blog. So when ERK from Musings of a Confuzzled reader  generously nominated me for this, it came as a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know the blogger community was so welcoming and accomodating. Or may be Eram is too kind!! Thank you so much for nominating me.

And now, to the task ahead. This is what I understand from my fellow bloggers about the award.

If nominated,

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them back.
  2. Answer all the eleven questions the blogger have for you.
  3. Nominate other eleven bloggers and ask them eleven new questions.
  4. Create a post with the Sunshine blogger award logo, the rules and all the aforementioned content.

My answers

Why did you start your blog?

Why? Sometimes I ask myself that. Naah.. it’s been not that long. The idea of doing something related to books had always been in my mind. I didn’t know what exactly. But then I got a job and was busy with my life. Still the thought of working on my passion for books remained there. One day I thought about all the books I have ever read. I couldn’t remember all of them. Some books were etched in the mind. Some just a flash, certain characters or quotes. That was when I decided to keep a log of the books I read. For a year or so, I wrote on an excutive diary (which was a Christmas gift kept in a corner) a little summary of what I read. I believe thats how it all began. As time went by I wanted to shift from paper to electronic version but was hesitant about a blog. It is only now I decided not to wait anymore and do it. In simple words, the answer is to actually keep a log of how I felt after reading each book. It’s like capturing a moment in a picture, only in this case, a blog.

How are you finding blogging? Are you enjoying it?

I am loving it!! Right now I am only trying to make good content and also trying to learn to make it look “decent”. Starting a blog in 2018 is actually not that difficult with so many blogs and youtube channels providing useful tutorials. I am still on the beginner’s adrenalin rush stage. So YES!! I am having a great time here, now that I have found people like Eram who are willing to help and guide.

What is something that you want to know more about, in terms of blogging?

Actually, a million things!! But the most important thing that I would want to know right now as a beginner is, “the do’s and don’ts of choosing the content and scheduling”. I know it is different for every one but people learn from experience and someone experienced can right away tell what we are doing wrong as newbies. There is a lot of content out there and sometimes it can be all just too much with the time constraints of a worklife. It would be nice to receive a general guidance regarding the selection and timeline of updates.

Have you received any ARC’s or Advanced Reading Copies? If yes, can you tell us the name of the first ARC you received.

I have received a few. The first one is Virtual Harmony and Other Short, Sweet Romances by Liese Sherwood Fabre.It was a request and read section. My second blog post is a book review of the same. It is a collection of simple and sweet short stories. The author was kind enough to comment on my blog. It was a nice feeling overall.

Your top 3 favourite book bloggers?

Tough one! Honestly I did not follow any bloggers before I got into blogging myself.  Naturally I don’t know much about blogs. If I have to pick three, there is this Indian blog  Book Geeks.In by Sankalpita. The blog mostly covers Indian books. I like the style.
Recently I went through ERM’s blog. I really liked it. So that would be my second Musings of a Confuzzled reader. And lastly The Bookish Wormy. It has a cool vibe to it which I enjoyed.

So there is my top three!!

What was the last thing you ate?

I just ate roti and veg kadhai. Yum!!!

Which book made you cry your heart out?

Let me confess right away. If I know the book is going to make me cry, I will stall it until I can no longer ignore it. Often some books catch us off guard. The last time I cried was when I read Little Women. It’s close to heart is all I can say.

If you could, what would you change in your favourite book?

Wuthering Heights is my favorite book. Now if I had to change anything, it wouldn’t be my favourite. Still, I wish Heathcliff stopped to listen Chathy’s entire confession. He didn’t and that is why the book is what it is.

Who is your favourite bookish character and why?

Ok, this character is not from a book but a TV series. Brick Heck, from The Middle.

Why? Because he is a textbook bookish character. If you know him, you know what I am talking about. He reads on his play dates. He reads on the dinner table. And he takes his girlfriend for their prom to a library. And by some weird coincidence, the actor’s real life name is Atticus which again reminds me of Atticus Finch who also happens to be a bookworm.

Which trope: love triangle or unrequited love?

Unrequited love! Love triangle is an overrated indecisive state of mind whereas unrequited love has a poetic pain to it.

Would you describe yourself as an introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

As you have noticed, I have answered more than what was required to some questions and abruptly stopped some others. So, ambivert it is!


Well, I guess I did it. Answered them all. Hope you had a good time reading my ramblings.


Now it is my turn to nominate.

And here are my nominees :


Umut from         Umut Reviews

Ova from           Excuse My Reading

Sankalpita from Book Geeks.In

Eloise from        Book Dragons

JJ from             This Dark Material

Vee from          Vee Reading

Mathangi from  The Word Glutton

Victoria from      A Bookish Secret

Luchia from          Luchia Houghton

Mallika from      Potpourri 2015

Beth from          Biblio Beth

My eleven questions for you :

1) Tell us about a particularly vivid dream you saw inspired by some book or movie that you read/watched recently. If you don’t have one, make it a funny bizzare dream.

2) How do you choose a book? Is it the review, book-cover, author? What works for you best?

3) You are given three copies of the same book in three formats. A hardcopy, E-reader and audiobook. List your preference in order with the reason.

4) What is your favorite series? How did you start reading it? Quote one favorite part of the series. (If you don’t have a series, answer the same for your favorite book)

5) Have you ever read a contemporary book by a foreign author, even translations will do. If so, what was your biggest take away about their culture and practices from the book?

6) Has any book you read and fell in love with made into a movie or TV-series? Did you enjoy it or was it a disappointment?

7) One day you wake up and realise that you no longer remember how to read. What would you do?

8) Do you follow any booktubers or bookstagrammers? If so name a favourite.

9) How did you get your first book?

10) Do you think authors should have pen names or real names on the cover?

11) Have your ordered anything from a restaurant just because some character from the book you recently read mentioned it? If so what is it?

You may or may not post it on your blog. If you choose to do, I hope you have fun answering them!! 


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