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Dear Bookbugs,


This is our second Q and A with the fantasy loving reader in the Featured Blogger Series. And today we have, Nora Eliana aka El from the blog Papertea and Bookflowers




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I am delighted to have such a great lover of the fantasy genre with us. So many books and suggestions! I hope you enjoy her experience with the fantasy reads as much as I did.


  • What do you think is the perfect weather to enjoy a good old fantasy book?


Winter! Definitely the cold and cozy seasons. Autumn works well, too.
I think fantasy books often, not always, need more time and focus to really immerse oneself in the unique world and I find that easier when I have more time to read without stopping. For me that is the winter season because even though I don’t really have less to do (probably actually more because I do have long summer vacation) but everything feels slower and less stressful if you can just cozy up in a blanket and with a cup of hot tea.




  • How did you discover your love for the genre – Fantasy?


I always loved fantasy books. As soon as I could read, I read mostly books in that genre. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I grew up with lots and lots of fairytales and Greek mythology and legends and stuff like that. Those aren’t fantasy per se but they are fantastical and always feature something more than we know in our reality.




  • Name your favorite read in the genre for 2019?



Oh, that’s a hard question! And I have to break the rules and name a couple.
The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco is definitely going to make my favourite list! I just loved the world building and the slow progression of the plot, the dual timeline … just everything!
I recently discovered the Spellslinger series by Sebastian de Castell and I’m head over heels for those books! Anyone who’s been on my blog knows my love for these books by now. The writing style is so perfectly sarcastic and the characters grow so much.
Some others are: The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire and the Thief of Attolia or actually that whole series by Megan Whaler Turner.



  • Even in the fictional fantasy world, where do you draw your limit for violence or anything evil in general? Have you ever encountered an otherwise good book, which you just couldn’t get through because of the graphically violent scenes and gore?



I’m not very sensitive when it comes to violence or gore. I can totally see why people don’t want to read about that, but so far, I haven’t encountered a book that went too far for my taste.



  • Which fictional fantasy creature would you have as a pet?


All of them! But I’d definitely like to have a Niffler, because cute! Although a lot of trouble. Thestral because I love how they look and you can fly on them! A small dragon like in Even the Darkest Stars and a gargoyle demon like Xemerius from Sapphire Blue.




  • Have you ever let your passion for your favorite series, clouded your verdict in a review? Would you like share which one?


I’m a very feeling focused reader. So, almost all of my reviews are about how a book made me feel. I do mention in my reviews if I think a certain aspect isn’t done well but if the book still made me feel lots of emotions, I give it a high rating. One example would probably be Snow like Ashes. I read that books at exactly the right time and loved it more than I probably would have any other time. I say those things in my review as well.


  • Who is your favorite fantasy author? What books would you suggest to a novice?



V.E. Schwab! I love her Vicious books and her middle grad City of Ghosts and read this year A Darker Shade of Magic. I love how she writes characters.
Leigh Bardugo as well, Same reason. Love her characters.
Maggie Stiefvater because of her beautiful writing. Same with Cornelia Funke (although she also has a nostalgia bonus)
Mark Lawrence, Walter Moers (so many extremely unique worlds + beautiful writing), SJM and Rin Chupeco.
A book I would recommend beginners is either Spellslinger, Inkheart, Every Heart a Doorway or Cruel Prince. I think all of those are easy enough to get into if one is not accustomed to the extremely large cast and world of epic fantasy books. They are all easy and quick to read and in varying levels of ‘darkness’.


  • What do you look for in a good fantasy book? Is it all about mythical creatures, thrilling action and mind-blowing twists? Or do you enjoy stories that are more character-driven than the action?


I’m definitely more of a character focused reader. If I don’t care for them, I don’t care for the book, no matter how exciting the plot is. A great, atmospheric and unique world can definitely win me over, too. And mythical creatures are always a bonus, but I’m gonna count that in both characters and world building.



  • If you are to keep one of these which will you pick – The Lord of the Rings Series or A Song of Ice and Fire series? ( Or any other series which you cannot part with even in an apocalypse)



Lord of the Rings. I really loved watching Game of Thrones (although I still haven’t watched season 8) I grew up with the LotR movies and couldn’t live without those books and a way to visit Middle Earth again.





If you love the same books as El or have your own suggestions leave them in the comments section. 🙂





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